Dear Ryans,

I want to express my greatest sympathies for the loss of your son David. I am sorry I never had the privilege of meeting him.

I am writing to let you know that there are people in the US and in the community in which David lived who care deeply about his death and the circumstances surrounding it.

Since July I have been working with local Districts Attorney, local politicians, and recently with Doris Aiken, head of an international effort against drunk driving to try to bring change in New York State laws and policies so that the likelihood of a similar occurrence is minimized if not eliminated.

I have been in contact with Walter Cicha on these matters. We have made some progress, for example, in getting the local District Attorney (chief prosecutor) to alter his policies regarding plea bargains for people who are given speeding tickets.

I want much more far reaching changes in law and policy and am determined to not rest until these changes occur. I just wanted you to know that.

My deepest regards,

Richard A. Evans