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Fund-Raising Memorial Ride for Safety Awareness October 9th

by Walter Cicha On June 29th, one of the MHCC’s elite riders was killed in Clifton Park by a speeding motorist while on a regular training ride. British citizen David Ryan was the epitome of focus and precision. Whether busily carrying out research at the GE Global Research Center on the next generation of magnetic […]

“These are the lyrics and chords for the song that I wrote in memory of Dave”

Why? D Tatra Mountains ahead A7                            Dm We’re feeling so high D Spinning wheels and six legs A7                         Dm The pull of the sky F#7                  G I don’t know why Bm                  A7 But I know how D                      A7                                Dm Sharing the roads and shedding regrets Gm                                      dim And then without warning D7     C#7        C7       […]

One life taken from Earth, many gifts lost

By WALTER CICHA First published: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 – Times Union, Albany, NY   Eight days before fate dealt him a tragic hand nearly one year ago, a National Institute of Health grant he authored was awarded. In the weeks leading up to the fateful day, he won his age group in a triathlon, […]