Troy Record – David Ryan Safety Awareness Ride Planned For June 29

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Paniccia sentenced to one to three years (Capital News9 6-7-05)

Teen gets 1 to 3 years for killing cyclist (News Channel 13 6-6-05)

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Niskayuna man pleads guilty to 1 count of negligent homicide

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Young drivers’ records at issue (Daily Gazette 2/12/05)

Friends Proposing Ryan’s Law (Capital News 2/10/05)

Judge rules jury can hear Paniccia’s roadside statement (Community News 1/28/05)

The following proposal will be advocated by Walter Cicha at the Healthy Infrastructure Symposium, to be held on March 18, 2005 at SUNY Albany. More information can be found here.

David Ryan’s Law

Healthy Infrastructure Symposium, March 18, 2005

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Police Crack Down On Dangerous Drivers

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The David T. Ryan Ride for Safety Awareness News (252 Riders)

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